by Ryan A karas

From heart failure to hand balancer

"Simplified training equals amplified results!"

Hello! I am Ryan, thank you for stopping by...

My long story short is I was a very competitive & active person prior to having a heart attack & subsequently battling months on end of heart failure due to a condition called "cardiomyopathy", or heart muscle disease.

Put simply, this was cause due to screwing up my 5 pillars of health as an adult. I could no longer do things that I loved, such as calisthenics, cardio, endurance, hypertrophy. strength training & sport.

I needed something skill based & physical to get me mentally through tough times such as the global pandemic. Something I could do in high volume & not aggravate my heart condition. 

Hand balancing & back bending become my go to, however, I struggled with both for years & while I was lucky to have the best coaches available, I still couldn't progress as the process was over complicated.

So I put together my own version while coaching at my gym in Redlands QLD, a simplified process that incorporated all 5 pillars of health along with handstands. A process that I trusted & served me well!

A process that I am now proud & happy to share with you, a process called - Handstand on demand! 

Handstand on demand provides you with a simplified approach to improving your 5 pillars of health & learning hand balancing, mastering handstands & becoming strong using calisthenics strength.

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What’s included & FAQs?

What you can expect from handstand on demand & coach Ryan A Karas.

$199 USD - Lifetime access!

- Non-Recurring One Time Payment

- Unlimited Access & Support

- Own the program your way for life

All Levels of Experience

- Complete beginner to advanced athlete

- Unlimited progressions & regressions

- Multiple options & variations

Weekly updates & value added

- New programming 

- New challenges

- New drills

Complete handstand guidelines & manual

- Shapes  & entry

- Strength & endurance

- progressive programming

Calisthenics strength training

- Pull ups, push ups & pistol squats

- Ring & bar muscle ups

- Handstand push ups & human flags

5 Pillars of health & lifestyle tools & guidance

- Mindset & stress management

- Sleep & recovery

- Nutrition & gut health

- Movement & strength training

- Human connection & relationships

1. What if I don't feel like I am ready for handstands yet, can you still help me?

Yes, absolutely! the first part of HSOD is mentoring you towards improving your 5 pillars of health! 

This will give you the confidence & self belief that you can start, learn & master your mind, body, life & handstand on demand!


2. Do I need any equipment? 

To start with, no! HSOD is perfectly set up to master handstands and bodyweight based strength & skill using only the walls & floor!

however, adding gymnastics rings, parallettes & high bars will only maximise your experiences! 

3. What if I need more help?

Every effort has been made to include as much information as possible, however, if there are still any questions you can reach out at any stage! 

You have direct access to questions at any stage and may send in videos for coaching support & feedback.

Premium online coaching as available to academy members offering daily check ins & accountability along with video coaching & personal training calls.

4. It's not a lot of money to join, is it valuable?

YES! It's well priced, not cheap, there is over 10+ years of coaching knowledge & experience (10000 hours) packed into handstand on demand plus the tried & tested nature in the trenches of the BAR gym in Redlands QLD

5. Is the fee really a one off, seems too good to be true?

YES! You only pay once to have lifetime access to the academy, no stitch ups! 

We will not auto-debit you again. If you need a break or time away, you can re access your academy or re commit to your challenge any time or take what you have learned & go your own way. 

Additional fees apply for additional premium coaching options such as personal training, video coaching calls & challenges.

 6. Can I do my own training on top of HSOD?

YES! Your can take what you need & add it to whatever you want, however you want.

Whilst HSOD includes full training programs, these can be taken as guidelines and applied to what you are already doing. 

For example, if you are a crossfitter or powerlifter, you can add the handstand training & skip our strength training as you are already doing your own.

If I can help you in any other areas of training or life not mentioned or included so far in this academy, say for example, dead-lifting, I will.